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All readings will be written out and sent via email within a week of when your order is placed. After you receive your reading please feel free to reply with any follow up questions that you might have. I am more then happy to answer any and all questions, and hope to bring a sense of guidance and peace into your life.


“Every reading I have had from Sara has always been completely on point and helpful in my life. She is one of the most gifted people I know and trust spiritually. She truly has a natural healing touch and energy. I highly recommend getting a reading from her!”

"Sara is a highly talented and spiritually in-tune tarot reader. Her readings have provided me with great confidence in pursuing love, and my career. They have also lead me to more in-depth discoveries about myself. She creates an environment that is very welcoming and accepting. I highly recommend getting a reading from her if you have any unease about where your life is at, or where you are heading."

"Sara’s readings are always magical. Her presence in itself is calming and reassuring, but she is also extremely thorough in each reading. She devotes so much energy to each card and helps interpret each message in a way that is meaningful. After each reading, I have felt a stronger connection with myself and my place in the universe."

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