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Healing the collective conscious

Messages and insights channeled under the energy of the Aries new moon

Where we are

Society, as a whole, is still open to receiving love, wisdom, and light. Despite the fact that we may feel beaten up and broken down, over each little speckle of hope looms a dark cloud that is threatening it all. As we sit in this forced solitude, many of us may be feeling an incredible weight as the heaviness of isolation begins to set in. We are realizing that the things that have governed us as a society for so long have no meaning or power, unless we allow it. New beginnings are afoot. Through the busyness and bustle of our normal daily lives, we are very rarely granted a moment of silent contemplation. Many of us go through a routine every single day without allowing time to truly check in with ourselves; to feel and acknowledge our emotional body as well as our physical. When the lights go out and production stops, and we are alone with ourselves for the first time in months, there is a strong instinct to distract. Whether it be with a 12 hour netflix binge, excessive amounts of wine, pills, or whatever else your personal vice may be, we are being asked to ignore that calling. As terrible as it may seem, this time is a gift. When you can not go outside, look within.

Our cities are turning into ghostly realms, lonely reflections of what they once were. Our fears are being illuminated in this time. Quarantine is providing the time and space for many of us to traverse our inner selves; our rarely acknowledged subconscious. Walking through the murky waters of your mind’s eye. Although, a daunting journey will prove to be more fruitful than anything you could have accomplished within your normal daily life. Upon completion of your walk, the waters will start to shimmer, effervescing bubbles of truth from worlds beyond our own. We are being asked to come together at this time. Not to physically come together, but to come together for a common purpose. The infighting stops now. Work with your neighbor, or fail trying to fend only for yourself. Hoarding supplies and medicine will bring about an unfathomable rift, and because of it more people will get sick and be faced with harsher realities then necessary. A lot of people are struggling greatly at this time. Our healthcare system is failing us and we must band together and fight for what is right and just. We all have ideas and plans that are worth fighting for, and we must find a common ground and build a community around it. There is power in numbers, as well as an aligned consciousness.

Where we are headed

Keen clarity and intelligence is a sharp blade. Representing truth and determination, it cuts through the clouds of confusion that fog our days. The sun will rise, the smoke will clear, and we will see all. Knowledge is power. The overarching theme that presents itself over and over is that of quiet contemplation leading to a triumphant victory. We are headed towards a time where we will be the masters of our own inner realms, thoughts, and emotions. “When You Look Within You Become.” Being in touch with your emotions is a super power, especially when you are able to harness their energy for the good of yourself and those around you. Become intentional in all you do. Creation is coming.

The struggle for power is eternal, and the roles are constantly moving and shifting. The old king is dead as well as the old paradigm. Some other governing energy is rising up in its stead.

Advice for the time ahead

Open your heart and bask in its warmth. Treasure your time spent in solitude. The cycle of the last few years is coming to an end as a new dawn emerges. We are all in control of ourselves, our emotions, and our consciousness. Using low vibrational vices as a way to cope with our isolation will lead to even more fear and confusion, and more fear is something we certainly do not need. Fear is the mind killer. The collective is currently confused and blocking input from our higher selves and the universe. Heed my advice and the confusion will clear. This is a time of mass healing. The healing process is not pretty; it's hard and it hurts but it must be done in order to ascend. Connect with yourself, the stars, and your guides, and the fog will soon clear. We are all so focused on the danger of this illness and the fear it's causing that we are forgetting to look around us and be grateful for what we have, especially those of us who are healthy and have secure homes to take shelter in. Be grateful for what you have. If all you have is your health, be grateful for that too. Our health is the most important and valuable thing that we have. Stop dwelling in negativity, please. It will only bring more negativity into your life. Focus on the people and things in your life that you have been taking for granted, and say thank you. Most importantly, don't lose sight of the big picture.

There is a major lack of empathy within the collective. Consider the feelings of others with each action you take. It will move you much higher up and further than only focusing on yourself. We are being asked to trust the universe in these uncertain and scary times. Move where you are guided, and surrender to powers greater than yourself. The end of a journey can always be sad, but we are crossing the threshold into a colorful and free new beginning. Embrace the universe in all its beauty and chaos, and it will embrace you.

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this is beautiful and so are you. Thank you - I totally agree with all that you said. Thank you for my note - this time has been extremely eye opening and I’m actually doing really well within myself - I hope you are also. Xoxo ✌🏼♥️🌸



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